Bridal Jewelry Style Ideas for Your Wedding Day


There are a wide variety of different jewelry styles out there, and each can benefit a different purpose and a different personality. One of the options that are available to you is bridal jewelry or wedding jewelry, but obviously this is a specialty type of jewelry that is not going to benefit everyone.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding day jewels then you should consider different bridal jewelry style ideas for your wedding day.

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Learning Which Birthstone Earrings To Purchase


One of the most popular gifts of jewelrys given to women and girls are birthstone earrings. Having jewelry that shows one’s birth month makes the gift very personal and shows that thought was put into the purchase. Many also choose to treat themselves to earrings that show their personal gem stone. In addition, earrings are very popular and many females enjoy having something unique: earrings that are for a specific reason, their birthday. Choosing birthstone earrings is very easy, all you must know is which month someone is born and then decide if you want to use the modern or traditional stone. Choosing the correct stone is of course, the most important element.

Having a pair of birthstone earrings is very popular. Buying these for yourself or purchasing them for someone else is very easy; once you know exactly which gem stone you want. There are two basic lists of birthstones; the traditional list which was created very long ago and the modern list which was created to ease the purchase of jewelry. Going by the modern list may be much easier; as some of the gems on the traditional list either are so rare that you won’t be able to find them or they are so expensive they may break the bank! Purchasing or owning birthstone earrings by the modern list is considered absolutely appropriate and in fact, many people do not even know of the traditional list.

Going by the traditional list of birthstones, January’s stone is the garnet. Garnets come in many colors and are very strong stones, thus making them great for jewelry and birthstone earrings. You have a wide choice when choosing a garnet as the colors will range from pink, green, orange, red and brown.

February’s stone is the amethyst which is the purple type of quartz. This stone is very beautiful and although the purple is considered to be almost a wine color, depending on which mine this gem comes from, the purple color will vary.

March brings us to the aquamarine which as a wonderful legend. Sailors of old used to believe that this gem was what mermaids tails were made of and they wore aquamarine jewelry to keep them safe at sea. The aquamarine is a sparking light, almost clear, blue color.

April is the diamond and those born in this month are probably very happy for this fact! Although diamonds are expensive, and this depends on many factors, having diamond birthstone earrings may not break the bank as the gem does not need to be huge to show nicely on the ear.

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Long Beaded Jewelry


Long beautiful beaded jewelry will make any outfit an amazing accessory. The styles of beads are many, and the different ethnic and cultural styles are available for all kinds of jewelry tastes.

There are some beads that have come from many African countries, from the Asian countries and even from American countries. Some of these long beaded jewelry are sparkling sophisticated and some are plain. You will also find long beaded necklaces handmade, custom made and each of these are unique to match your style.

The long beaded jewelry are basically necklaces that when worn swing and sway as you walk. These long necklaces are made from a variety of metals, stones, glass, wood, and clay.

These necklaces can be made from Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystals, Pearls, Gold Filled Beads, Garnet, Turquoise, the birthstones, Blueberry Quartz, Red and Gold Foil Glass, Cherry Quartz, Onyx, Opals, Mexican Jasper, Copper and Silver Foil Glass as well as beads made from clay.

These long beaded necklaces can be single loop, double loops or several numbers of stranded loops. The beaded necklaces can adorn a pendant, or a single dangle at the bottom of the loop.

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Unique Sterling Silver Cuffs – A Trend Both Modern and Ancient


Cuff bracelets are extraordinarily popular these days, but they have been around for thousands of years. Cuffs are different from other bracelets because instead of circling the entire distance around the wrist, they are a stiff, usually wide bracelet with a small opening on the back.

By turning the wrist slightly, the wearer can slide it into the opening, slipping the cuff onto the arm. The bracelet can then be slid up the arm until in the desired spot. Unique sterling silver cuffs are an artisan creation. The creativity that these artists display in their design and crafting of cuffs is astounding.

Unique sterling silver cuffs can be highly simplistic or extremely ornate. Some of the most simplistic designs include smooth, highly polished wide bands. Other simple designs consist of wide hammered bracelets or brushed silver finishes.

Some silver cuffs have embossed designs or are engraved with phrases, sentiments, or monogram initials. Intricate designs can include floral motifs, dragons, or entwining lines, circles, or vines. There are even cuffs made of interlocking silver fish, frogs, snakes, or other animals. In some designs the silver is accented by precious or semi-precious gems or stones. Inspired by Native Americans, turquoise is especially popular in the wide silver cuff setting. Moonstones are also seen often.

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Ankle Bracelets for Valentine’s Day


While ankle bracelets in and of themselves are inherently accessories, there are certain pieces you can wear that will make them stand out. These accessories of your accessories are equally as subtle and may already be a part of your wardrobe.

If you have a fantastic anklet that you want to show off, you need to make sure it is framed in a way that it will draw in someone’s attention. You can easily go about this just be following the tips below. Hopefully they can point you in the right direction for future purchases.

One of the easiest ways to make ankle bracelets stand out more is to have toe rings on that match the bracelet. You do not need to wear a lot of them – just one on a toe for the same foot you have the anklet on.

You can normally get these in sets, but you can buy them separately as well as long as they have the same basic look to them. By wearing a toe ring, you bring a small, extra layer of shimmer to your feet that will inevitably attract attention. Your anklet can get noticed from there.

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Ankle Jewelry – Sexy or Cheesy?


Ankle jewelry was popular for the longest time in America, but it seemingly lost its popularity over the last decade or so. While there are still people out there sporting anklets on a regular basis, they are seemingly few and far between. This begs the question of whether ankle jewelry is good at all. Is it sexy, cheesy, or something else altogether? You should wear this kind of jewelry in your life? If so, what are your options? The information below will attempt to answer all of these questions and then some.

Ankle jewelry is, in many ways, just like any other jewelry. It can look great on some people and terrible on others. The key to making ankle jewelry sexy rather than cheesy is to wear quality, subtle pieces that fit who you are and the look you are aiming for as a whole.

If you buy something from a quarter vending machine, it will obviously have a cheesy factor to it. If you invest in a decent anklet to wear though, you can make it look just as good as anything else you might wear. You just have to find a piece that you like and other people will like as well.

Finding good ankle jewelry is not as hard as it may seem. All you have to do is look online to get started. When you do, check out the different options you have for anklets based on the style, material, or size you are looking for. There should be plenty of them out there to explore.

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Diamond Hoop Earrings are for Every Occasion


When people think about diamonds, the most common things that come to mind are rings. Whether for a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or any other special occasion, people have been giving diamond rings to their significant others for hundreds of years. However, rings are not the only diamonds that you can give as a special gift to someone you love.

Bracelets, necklaces, and Diamond hoop earrings are just as special as rings and are often much more affordable. In addition to that they can be worn any time and match any style whether the recipient loves casual wear or likes upscale things.

Diamond hoop earrings complement any occasion. Many women will wear them when they are just shopping for groceries as a way of making themselves feel extra special. When they want to really impress someone while on a date or other type of get together, they will pair their diamond earrings with their best dress to ensure they really sparkle.

The best thing about these types of earrings is that women don’t have to wait for their partner or family member to give them to them as a gift. They can buy them on their own. Some even buy multiple pairs to wear with different types of outfits.

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How To Choose Children’s Bracelets For Your Little One


Jewelry is certainly not reserved just for adults these days. In numerous societies around the world, including the modern western countries, it is very commonplace for parents to have their babies ears pierced when the baby is only a couple of months old. Therefore, it is never too early to think about having your baby or s. One of the most trendy kids jewelry is children’s bracelets and the variety is almost endless. There are a few factors to keep in mind if you are thinking of purchasing Children’s Bracelets or other type of jewelry for a little one.

Who says that children can’t wear jewelry? If you wish to purchase children’s bracelets or other types of jewelry for your little one, it is certainly the trendy and popular thing to do. You should keep in mind the age of the child, what will look appropriate and if purchasing rather expensive jewelry, each individual child should be accessed as to whether they are old enough to wear a certain piece.

Babies as young as a few weeks old can have their ears pierced; it is relatively painless and special earrings can be purchased so that the jewelry does not pose a choking hazard for the baby. Care and thought should also go into children’s bracelets and other types of jewelry that is specifically designed just for children.

One element to think about is what will look appropriate. Certainly male children and female children wear different types of jewelry. In the United States, children’s bracelets are mostly for girl children. Necklaces are worn by both; however each gender will have a different style. Males generally wear thicker necklaces, shorter as well. Females will wear longer necklaces, wear ones with more sparks and shine and most likely will wear their birthstone.

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Vintage Costume Jewelry – Past Trends Make a Comeback


The trend of embracing vintage looks in fashion and of mixing the fashion icons of periods in the past with modern or classic pieces is alive and well. Some of these jewelry trends bring an automatic association with a specific time period. Vintage costume jewelry can be from a variety of eras.

The term costume jewelry started to be applied to jewelry made from non-precious metals and stones in the 1920’s. The practice of wearing this type of jewelry had been in practice for much longer. Throughout history, jewelry has been worn as a way to display wealth and keep it close to you. The 1920’s brought about a trend of wearing jewelry as simply a fashion item to express individuality.

Most vintage costume jewelry is from the time period between the 1920’s and the early 1980’s. However, there is costume jewelry that dates back into the 1600’s in Europe. Though referred to by some as “fake” because the materials are not precious metals and gemstones, this type of jewelry can be of excellent quality and design.

Some artisans who created costume jewelry maintained a level of excellence and creativity that was above that of some artists working with more precious materials. Therefore, some of the vintage jewelry of all periods is very valuable in spite of being classified as costume jewelry.

Victorian looks are a common theme in costume jewelry from the first half of the twentieth century. Flapper looks in the twenties included long strings of beads and fringed items. Art deco designs extended to jewelry as much as art and architecture.

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Tungsten Jewelry – Tough Jewelry for Strong Men


For people who are hard on jewelry or have allergies to traditional jewelers’ metals, tungsten jewelry might be the answer. One of the newest materials for jewelry workers, tungsten is actually tungsten carbide. This alloy is created by combining tungsten with carbon and other elements to create the hardest and densest metal of which jewelry is composed.

Tungsten is far harder than titanium or gold. Jewelers have to use diamond tools to cut and polish this highly durable metal. It is very difficult to scratch and will not bend out of shape. This quality makes it ideal for men’s jewelry pieces.

Men’s wedding bands, rings, and other items, such as necklaces, provide very attractive Tungsten jewelry that lasts at a lower price than precious metals. With a unique and individual flare, tungsten jewelry is for the man who doesn’t want to be like everyone else. Tungsten bracelets are very popular in fashion right now.

The typical design looks like watch links without a watch face. These can be in single, double, or triple rows of interlocking links. They, like rings made from this substance, can be various shades of polished or brushed gray. Tungsten rings can be inlaid with precious metals, like gold, silver, platinum, or even rose gold. They can have diamonds in them. Some unique tungsten rings even have leather inlaid in the surface.

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